wandering gypsies

Byron Bay... a colourful collective of wandering gypsies, luxe travellers, hula hooping fire twirlers, muso's in the streets and creative arts just to name of a few of the kinds you meet in this town. Not to mention the backdrop of rolling hills that meet the ocean of some of the best surf in Aus.

I feel so blessed to live in such a place that brings so much colour and inspiration, as I look outside my design room window perched up on a hill I see only green hills all the way to the ocean, on the way I see teepees that someone should call their humble abode and birds flying and sing all the way through the canopy of trees. Back inside my dog lies snoring at meet feet while the sewing machine is roaring and most exciting of all my nearly one year old daughter Inca Mitzi and beloved husband Bulan are out on the swing under the mango tree blossomed with fruit.
These two people in my life are a true motivation to keep doing what I love and continue creating clothing, jewellery and whatever else I can add to my seasons collections.

Recently the three of us jetsetted all the way to California and mexico, bought a van and named it 'Emerald the wandering gypsy' (mainly because it really needed a wheel alignment and actually wandered all over the road said the officer). We started south from LA and headed north through to the northern Humbolt county to see the magnificiant giant redwood trees. Along the way we did some skydiving (which is Bulan's profession) wind tunnel's, collecting crystals, vege gardening, pumpkin carving, forest walking, skateboarding through venice beach, then a lovely little explore through mexico's turquoise water coastline... just to name a few

Now we have returned married and full of inspiring ideas I thought it would be nice to share some pics and reminisce on the fun times we had while living in a van in another country with our 8 month old daughter at the time,  becoming the wandering gypsies of Kultcha collective...x