Need to clear your conscience?

Need to clear your conscience?                                                                                             written by Ange, Kultcha Collective’s staff writer,
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What is it about these rocks that inspire such wonder and longing?  Is it the way they reflect all the beauty around them with such simplicity?  Their ability to catch light and hold it just long enough to entice you to pick them up to examine their illusive trickery?  Or is it their innate and intuitive healing and transformational qualities that have our hearts skipping with a single glimpse?

(Photo – Kultcha Collective - Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace)

Whatever it is, crystals have had us exploring, climbing, digging and risking our lives to discover these gems within magma, red clay and earth since the beginning of time.  Turning the biggest skeptics and scientists amongst us to use words like “In the presence of such beauty and strangeness, people cast around for familiar metaphors.”  As they refer to the Crystal Palace of Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert as being like the Sistine Chapel – “In both cathedrals and crystals there is a sense of permanence and tranquility that transcends the buzz of surface life.  In both there is a suggestion of worlds beyond us.” (Cavern of Crystal Giants by Neil Shea for National Geographic)

(Photo – Carsten Peter –

Crystals have long held a fascination for me and as I type this, clear quartz ring on hand, I sense a stillness that makes everything ok with the world.  Their impressive six-sided prisms of pure light and energy, which sparkle the entire colour spectrum, have me fondling their structures with pure joy.

(Photo – Kultcha Collective and Buffalo Girl Rings and Cuffs)

And I’m not the only one - Ancients believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once every hundred years or so.   Almost every civilization from the Aztecs to the Egyptians to as far back as the folk of the Atlantis have used these stones for healing, meditation and spiritual development.

(Photo - Tumblr)

So if you need a little clarity during this crazy waning gibbous moon like I do - let go of the notion that jewels and gems and just for Mystics and Gypsies.

(Image -
(Image - Tumblr)

Adorn your body with these gifts from the earth and allow their natural beauty and wisdom to filter out distractions and help to empty the mind.  Why not clarify your thought processes and emotions and increase inspiration and creativity and call it fashion?!

(Photo -

Beauty that balances energies, brings harmony and sets us free…
I’m into that…

(Photo - Kultcha Collective - Our New 'Nixie' Range - Raw Quartz Crystal with Russian Amazonite Stone)