Boho is not a four-letter word…

Boho is not a four-letter word…

written by Ange, Kultcha Collective's staff writer, 
music loving, medicine woman, adventure Fiiking photographer

How did we get to a place where the free spirit could be commercially viable?  
Where big brands could profit from a feel, a lifestyle, a soul??

Skirt: Tayara Skirt
Model: Beckflyaway for Kultcha Collective

Ok, I’m not the first person to wear flowing ankle length skirts, crocheted vests and wide brimmed felt hats.  That’s a fact.  But the last time I saw big companies cashing in on my dream state, I bailed out.  It’s true.  I conformed to boring generic styles and refused to wear their authentic-less, mass produced bullshit. 

Image - Woodstock

But what good did it do?  
I was still dreaming of starry nights out on the farm, playing guitar around a fire with like minded souls.  I was still practicing yoga on the beach before a surf, still wandering the world with awe filled eyes and bare feet.  The cloth don't make the boho babe…  Our attitude does.

Image - Donatella Parisini Photographer

Boho is not a four letter word – it’s a state of heart.  
You might be able to fake it while it’s in fashion, but your true colours come shining through when the next big thing hits and you show up in a metallic lycra jumpsuit. 

'Native Soul' Deep Purple Suede Shorts and 'Dreamweaver' Cream Kimono

So instead of shying away, I’m appreciating the fact I’m spoilt for choice.   And I’ll snap up all their bargains in my next op shop adventure ;)