Water and the Moon   
Written by Ange, Kultcha Collective staff writer and stylist,
music loving, medicine woman, adventure fiiking, photographer

Sounds like a song title by some 70’s rock gods, but Water and the Moon are the reflections represented in the beautiful Crisocola crystal used in many of our Kultcha pieces.

The gypsy in all of us is naturally drawn to certain stones.  We feel their magnetic energy and have a sense of emotion or peace when we are holding them, feeling them or sometimes even just standing near them. 

As the moonlight dances over the ocean’s surface, we see the passive and the emotional aspects of the feminine.  The moon does not ask the water to reflect her beauty.  The sea naturally honors her and evokes every emotion of awe and wonder just by being present in her light. 

The moon being Yin, she cultivates the sense of wondrous beauty, glorious light.  Crisocola encompasses this natural balance of water and the moon and alleviates sadness and rage.  Embracing the softer feminine and balancing out the Yang, envoking the richness of comprehension and forgiveness.

No wonder our sea gypsies are so drawn to this magical gift from the earth.